The International Workshop and Conference on Network Science (NetSci) is the leading conference on Network Science. NetSci aims is to bring together leading researchers, practitioners, and teachers in network science (including analysts, modelling experts, visualisation specialists, and others) to foster interdisciplinary communication and collaboration. The conference focuses on novel directions in networks research within computer and information sciences, social sciences, the biological and environmental sciences, finance and business.

Original Logo from the first NetSci in 2006.

The year 2013 will mark the 8th consecutive year of this international event that brings together the multidisciplinary community of network science researchers. Since 2009 the conference has oscillated yearly between the United States and Europe.

2012 Evanston, IL (Northwestern University) http://netsci2012.net/

2011 Budapest, Hungary (Central European University/Hungarian Academy of Sciences) http://netsci2011.net/

2010 Boston, MA (MIT Media Lab) http://www.netsci2010.net/

2009 Venice, Italy (Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti) http://www.netsci09.net/

2008 Norwich, UK (Norwich Research Park/Norwich University) http://www.ifr.ac.uk/netsci08/

2007 Queens, NY (New York Hall of Science/University of Notre Dame) http://nd.edu/~netsci/

2006 Bloomington, IN (Indiana University) http://vw.indiana.edu/netsci06/